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作者: cheweo96    時間: 2013-5-30 03:57     標題: 1077 monster beats by dr dre (37)

Death Knights Leveling Guide and Specs World of Warcraft Cataclysm is out now! Of course this new addition to the world of warcraft community has risen the leveling cap, changes zones, quest and talents including deathknights. of course there are millions of people playing this game and looking and loving the new content. In order to level up as fast as possible you will have to choose the right spec for leveling. When it comes to death knights you can go either blood, frost or unholy, but which talent tree is best? Best Dps spec for deathknights is unholy when talking purely dps, followed very closely by frost and  dr beats dre then blood because it is the tanking spec and it  beats by dr dre china just wouldn't be fair is it did out dps the other specs. We can rule out blood spec right from the start as its dps is far too  beats by dr dre customize low to be taken into consideration. So what is better unholy or forst? Unholy Okay so you think that unholy is going to win just because it has better damge then frost? but it doesn't make it the defualt choice because of this. If you have see or played an unholy death knight then you would know that allot of there damage comes from there pets, unholy death knights  monster beats spin have a room that makes your pet do an additional 50% damage but you need to be in combat for quite a while, this is because you need to generate enough runic power to cast 5 death coils. Unholy dps is very strong but does not have such burst as frost. If you need a spec that is great for leveling then the following is great: /talent#jbGZoZcucdfMuMRu . Unholy is also slightly better for PvP  beats mixr price as you can preform allot of defensive cooldowns in a sort period of time.
Death Knights Frost Frost dps is right behind unholy when it comes to dps and can be played with a 2h weapon or by dual wielding 1h weapons. Either way it offers great dps with more control than unholy and with more burst damage, especially when you get killing machine procs, making your Obliterate and Frost strikes 100% crit. Forst is great for leveling and you will be able to kill enemy mobs within seconds making it a great spec for leveling. Hungering cold will freeze your enemies in place for 10 seconds giving you quite nice crowd control, that will break on damage and with howling blast your AE damage gets even better. Your frost leveling spec should look something like this: /talent#jbGZGc0rfuRzbu0h. This spec will be fine for raiding and dungeons as well, so know you have the best spec and don't think twice. Unholy vs. Frost Frost right now is the best spec for leveling but that does not mean that unholy is far behind. of course just pick a spec on your personal play style and then choose. Leveling in a spec that does not seem appealing to you just does not make  buy dr dre beats headphones sense. Blood is way behind on both and should be only picked as off spec for tanking dungeons while leveling as you will find groups much faster as tank.

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