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Every year billions of dollars are donated to non profit organizations through charitable giving. In this article I will  beats by dre solo review explore how individuals allocate their charitable giving and how to encourage recurring gifts. When one's charitable giving is consistent with their core values and beliefs, the relationship with the charity is strengthened and it increases the likelihood of ongoing gifts. Therefore, it is crucial for the non profit organization to develop a relationship with the donor and to not view the donation as a one off transaction.
According to Giving USA in 2009 Americans donated more than $307.75 billion to their favorite non profit organizations and charities. The majority, approximately 75% of charitable giving was attributed to individuals. Charitable foundations and other corporate giving amounted to 17%  beats earbuds by dre of total funds donated. Online giving accounted for 67% of all dollars  beats by dre online shop donated in 2010. The online channel is rapidly becoming the method of choice for how to donate. Every organization with minimal effort can enhance the level of connectedness to the donor.
Individuals make charitable giving decisions based upon a variety of factors. Among the leading recipients of money for charity are Human Services Organizations, Environmental and Animal Welfare Organizations, Arts and Cultural Organizations, and disaster relief. The last category is one where recurring gifts are least frequent. Whether through online portals, mobile text campaigns, or directed giving these donations are an appeal in a time of need that elicit and immediate, although fleeting, emotional response. So then, how can organizations simultaneously maximize their current donations and create a lasting relationship with the recipient? Will values based giving create a stronger tangible benefit to the donor and also strengthen the relationship?
In the Online Giving Study, which can be found at, it is stated that ?the online giving experience seems to have a significant impact on donor loyalty, retention and gift levels. The more intimate and emotionally coherent the giving  beats by dr dre sold experience online, the stronger the relationship between donor and nonprofit appears to be.Further, the study suggests that branded charity websites, those that are able to develop the highest degree of donor charity connection not only begin  dr dre headphones custom the relationship with the highest dollar gift, but also increased that donation significantly more than sites that do not enhance the donor experience.
The preeminent philosopher Maimonides lists his famous Eight Levels of Giving. According to the medieval scholar the highest level of giving is to form a partnership with a person in need enabling the recipient to overcome the necessity to rely upon others. Importantly, the concept of an ongoing partnership is raised. This is a deeply personal connection to the individual or organization in need and not a one time, sterile, or non-personal gift. A two way relationship is created whereby the donor is simultaneously being uplifted because his action is not for selfish reasons but a reflection and outward example of living according to ones values. In the context of Abraham Maslow, this exemplifies a life in harmony and a donor who is self-actualized.
1Purpose was designed to motivate its users to live an inspired life. It is our belief that you can achieve any dream or goal by insuring that your daily actions are consistent with your core beliefs. Because positive life changes are in harmony with your value system and motivated by your desire to aid your favorite  beats by dre on tour charity or non profit you are sure to succeed. As you encounter daily success you begin to realize that you are in control of your life, able to make proactive and positive decisions, and gain self-confidence.
As an institution that is committed to good; developing a positive emotional connection by inspiring transformative change in the life of a donor is sure to create a lasting bond and encourage ongoing giving.

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