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There are some products I have found we just cannot live without! Some of these are 100% natural which makes them that much better in my book, and I am highly critical of the natural products. Sometimes you just need something to be effective rather than natural. I thought I would make a concise list for those of you interested. Browse through my blog categories to see full articles on related subjects. (As usual, if you are seeking medical advice, please contact your physician or call 911 for an emergency?.do not rely on information provided here?. these are only my opinions). Yada yada yada?.

I have added these items to the "roducts We Love" page if you're interested in purchasing them or reading more about them.

Tom's Of Maine has finally created a fantastic product that stands apart from the rest in its category. A deodorant which is natural (no aluminum) AND WORKS!!!!! I have tried these in the past (and often) due to my concerns over the chemicals in the regular brands, but none have worked for me. Keep in mind it is a deodorant, not an anti-persperant. I find it inhibits odor extremely well AND even fights off some sweat. I read some reviews on this product, and they were mixed. It seemed men had a more difficult time with this product and the women found success. I am a sweater, and by the end of the day a stinker. I am reasonably dry and smell like a peach by bedtime now. What can I say, I am thrilled with it!

Burt's Bees Baby Bee products have been a staple in our household for 3+ years now. We love them. The bubble bath smells sooo good! The diaper ointment is fantastic (worth the cost). The buttermilk baby bath and lotion are wonderful for newborns or a toddler with sensitive skin. (Try olive oil too?.if you have a baby with sensitive skin or small dry patches, cradle cap, rub in some olive oil, works great!). The baby oil is wonderful as well. When Goblin #2 arrived last December, she had very sensitive skin. It was also cold outside which didn't help. I rubbed this on her every other day and she loved it! They also have a bumps and bruises selection which is great for kids as it all smells good and works.

Wellements has a gripe water for colic-type symptoms that worked so well for my newborn daughter I was shocked. She had a cow's milk protein sensitivity which (they think) is a link to colic symptoms. I placed her on a special formula (Nutramigen) which worked within hours and the gripe water later to help her with gas. Nothing else helped her gas. As usual, I cleared this with her pediatrician. You should contact your pediatrician with the ingredient list for approval before administering. They all have different ingredients. Our Dr. said the chamomile has a relaxing affect and the fennel relaxes the digestive tract. Both good things.

Tea Tree oil. Any brand will do. I dab pure tea tree oil on minor cuts and scrapes. It is 100% natural and recent studies have shown it's antibacterial properties are more effective on staph bacteria than antibiotics AND NO RISK OF MUTATION (as with MRSA). It's fabulous. I am prone to staph infections so I also use it as a body wash. Oh?and a tip from my hair stylist. Apparently LICE HATE tea tree oil. Select a shampoo and conditioner for the kids with the stuff (or add your own drops) to ward off the little bugs. She insists that they won't infect hair washed with it?.hmmmm.

Latex Free Bandages. If you have a deep cut, they goal is to keep it clean and moist. Dab an aloe/tea tree mixture on the boo-boo, slap a latex free bandage on it  Beats By Dre Tour Cheap and you're good to go. Moist and covered for quickest healing. Latex free as people are developing vicious allergies to them (suddenly!).

Tympanic Thermometer, Rectal Thermometer. Tympanic thermometers are fantastic to obtain an EASY and QUICK temperature on an angry kid, although not perfectly accurate. Be sure the thermometer isn't in a cold window, otherwise the reading may be altered (I have learned).  Black And Red Beats By Dre For babies under 2 you HAVE to keep a rectal thermometer nearby and NOT be afraid to use it. Babies could care less when you do it, and if they have a fever over 102ish (depending on age) your doctor is going to want an EXACT rectal temperature. This could save you a trip to the office or Emergency Department. You will not hurt your baby in any way by taking their temperature rectally?.but you might provoke a bowel movement (a little trick if your Little Goblin is backed up).

(Good ?Ol) A&D Ointment. (Zinc Free Version). Apparently the zinc in diaper cream is bad for the waterways, so our pediatrician begged me to try plain A&D Ointment, applied liberally, and exclusively to Goblin #2′s sensitive tush. I have been doing so for several weeks and it works! No rash. When a couple spots pop up on her bum, I slap on a heavier layer than normal and it's gone soon after. Good stuff and it's au naturel. Also, A&D is wonderful for cuts and scrapes. It promotes healing. Very soothing on burns too.
Bubble Bath. I have tried many products in this category. When you have one child, it's less of an issue to buy the occasional pricey brand because it smells so darn good! When your family grows, spending less is more of a priority. The best I have found is the traditional Johnson & Johnson bubble baths. They have quite a variety. They are all wonderful. The foaming head-to-toe baby body wash is great too. Still, I have found myself just purchasing the nighttime bubble bath as it has a nice scent and is cheap if you buy the larger bottle. Burt's Bees Bubble Bath has a fantastic scent, but again, with more than one child, it gets expensive. I look forward to the days when they can use a bar of soap without rubbing it in their eyes!

MOP Stuff. Modern Organic Products. And absolutely fabulous. They make lotion, shampoo, conditioner and so on. The scents are phenomenal. I LOOOOVE THEM! My favorite is the Lemongrass. Ahhhhhh. A little aromatherapy can set mommy and daddy right in the morning. Plus, their prices are real darn good for the quality you get. Not pretentious, just good for earth, good for us.

Sensaria. Yes, Sensaria. It's like Avon in the sense that housewifes (and husbands too) are selling the stuff across America from their homes. I  Beats By Dr Dre Studio Black have to say they have great products. They make everything from lotions and hair products to laundry detergent and air freshener. They DO NOT use a bunch of nasty chemicals you find in the supermarket products. Prices are a bit high, but some items are worth it. I rub down my Goblins in the body butter every day. Keeps them smelling good and skin soft. Baby Goblin's favorite is the coconut body butter (cherry almond second best). Mmmmmm-good.

Household Clorox Wipes. Yes, I know, bad for environment. HOWEVER, if you use lots of them, they work. You have to use  Buy Beats By Dre Cheap one for a  Beats By Dre Review Studio small area, then get a new one. You can't wipe down an entire counter with one wipe and have  Beat By Dre Monster the effects of the Clorox. Get the idea? If you use them liberally they are fantastic for tidying up the bathroom sink, a quick toilet wipe down, door knobs, etc. I use them everywhere. I recommend wearing gloves so you don't absorb the chemicals through your skin. If you're not into chemicals, try vinegar and water as a household cleaning agent. Much cheaper than anything else and WORKS. White vinegar that is?.

Aloe Gator. It's a sunscreen like none other. Back in my more care-free days (before children), I was a surfer. After suffering a horrible blister-inducing burn, I found the ultimate sunscreen. It withstood hours of saltwater and goes on clear so you don't have white zinc all over your face. It's SPF 100 or something crazy but even the 40 is good for water. It's minimally greasy, and worth it. You'll save your skin, your face, even your life. ALOE GATOR. Amazing.
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